Monday, December 14, 2009

Typface: Classic Typography

I'm proud to announce that my work was recently featured in a real-live-actual book! They contacted me almost a year ago about a submission, but I never heard anything more. Then, Kevin was searching Amazon for my Christmas Wishlist, and he came across the book. I was so excited!!

Here's what people are saying about it:

"If there is one experience that any graphic designer can relate to, it’s the quest for the perfect typeface. The right typeface communicates the visual essence of the content while enhancing the impact of the overall design. The dozens of type samplers available are often more confusing than helpful, offering hundreds of choices but little guidance. Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design is a unique sourcebook featuring sixty classic typefaces that continue to resonate with today’s most influential graphic designers. The book is organized using typographic classifications such as sans serif, serif, display, script, and dingbats. Each typeface is presented in detail, including its origin, main characteristics, and uses. The main character set of each type specimen is accompanied by typesheet style examples including technical specifications and non-Latin characters."

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